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Multi-talented Jemima Sara Hand is an Artist, Designer and founder of JEMIMASARA.

In 2017 Jemima Sara Hand launched JEMIMASARA, a concept that nestles all her creative projects. The idea behind the brand is to inspire everyone to love their genuine, unaffected and fabulous self.

La Joie de vie with JEMIMASARA

JEMIMASARA motto is self-worth, self-acceptance, equality and confidence. Sara Hand’s designs celebrate the joys of living with panache & a few martinis!


‘The Martini crew’ created by JEMIMASARA

The ‘Martini Ladies’ illustrations featured in the first collection SS18, depicts nude figures ‘living their best lives’ with a lot of humour & style. For this collection, Sara Hand takes inspiration from the Renaissance divine, Henri Matisse and the pin-up ladies of the 1920s.


Through the creation of the “The Martini Lifestyle” campaign; Martini ladies & Martini men are relatable unapologetic characters with uninhibited self-worth, who love themselves just the way they are.

Illustrations celebrates the female form through the creation of the “Martini Lady” the hero ‘SALLY’ is an unapologetic representation of a 20 something, female figure who is often portrayed with nothing but a martini at hand and a positive attitude.

The ‘Martini lady’ aka SALLY is positive figure, with very few boundaries who promotes camaraderie through a series of hilarious peptalks.

AF: Tell us a bit about how JEMIMASARA developed as a concept brand?

Sara Hand: I decided to create JEMIMASARA after suffering with metal health and self-worth issues had become hugely prominent in my life. My road to recovery was scribbling and drawing naked ladies whom I called my martini ladies’. They represent self-love, self-worth and confidence as well as having fun and not taking life too seriously.

At first this was just a hobby which I enjoyed doing, but after time I realised that it was helping others too and this is something I wanted to push further.I want to create an empowerment for the challenges around us politically and culturally, I want women to be powerful, courageous, beautiful and playful.

Jemima Sara Hand founder of JEMIMASARA

Jemima Sara Hand founder of JEMIMASARA

Boobs and Sally xoxo photographer by @byoliverfrancis and models @daggenhamdais @a.lawsonmay.png

A scribble a day

AF: Tell us a bit about how you started JEMIMASARA?

Sara Hand: “When I first started illustrating as a hobby, I had no idea it would lead to what I am doing today. . Looking back, I am still shocked how quickly everything changed and how I found a new passion I wanted to push forward.

Having self-confidence comes from self-love and self-acceptance, in order to be truly confident within ourselves we must love ourselves and learn how to have a self-acceptance. My self-acceptance came from drawing and ‘scribbling’, everyone is different, so the path of self-acceptance may be different. This is where empowerment jumps in, I want to empower everyone to find a self-love and confidence so that they can empower themselves.”

Backstage with JEMIMASARA

Living and working in London & Shropshire, Sara Hand does everything from designing the clothes, sourcing the material, sculpting jewellery; and works with the local community to help support other small businesses.

Each JEMIMASARA garments is screen printed by hand and all clothing is 100% cotton and ethically hand screen printed locally in Shropshire, England.

JEMIMASARA illustratons

JEMIMASARA illustratons

Screen prints of JEMIMASARA ‘SALLY’ & ‘BOOB’ collection,  in printing studio, Shropshire, England.

Screen prints of JEMIMASARA ‘SALLY’ & ‘BOOB’ collection, in printing studio, Shropshire, England.

AF: JEMIMASARA SS18 collection supports the The Young Women’s Trust. 
Are there any projects you would like to get involved with in the future?

Sara Hand: “As an artist I would always like to be more socially engaged! I try my best to see what is going on and participate as best I can. There are so many different projects and charities I would LOVE to work with. I’m currently working with The Young Women’s Trust, who help young women in low pay or poverty situations. The Trust offers incredible learning experiences, and help women with confidence issues to job applications. I find this so important as we all deserve opportunities in life and The Young Women’s Trust creates opportunities for young women. There are so many more projects and people I’d love to work with.”


“I want to make art that can help and empower women, men and everybody to have a voice and enable them to start accepting and loving themselves.”


JEMIMASARA supports The Young Women’s Trust by donating 10% of profits to the charity. The Young Women Trust supports and represents young women aged 16-30 struggling to live on low or no pay and are at risk of being trapped in poverty.

The Young Women’s Trust who help young women in low pay poverty situations. The trust offers incredible learning experiences, and help women with confidence issues. This trust creates opportunities for young women.


JEMIMASARA will be launching its newest collection soon and taking part in an exciting panel talk in during International Women's Week coming up in March 2019!

More info on the event @JEMIMASARA


Latest designs and collection available on JEMIMASARA website.


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