'The Author And Narrator' by Channel In Channel Out

Rewinding back to 2010, when I first stumbled across Channel In Channel Out aka Marcus Cotten, a multi-disciplinary artist who works & lives in Portland. 4 years into his solo artist career Cotten has just released his 2nd full album “The Author And The Narrator”. The Album includes 10 tracks, varying from electronica, acoustic and ambient music, themed around visual observations and sensory responses.


Calculate The Surveillance – from the album The Author And Narrator – the song was nominated for two Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in 2012 in category for best song/track, and for best experimentation for the whole album The Author And Narrator.


Deeply moved by the every day urban life and nature, Cotten fuses different art mediums, visuals and sounds that tell a story about the wonders and qualms of every day life.


"Pistulations And A Plethora Of Entrances"


Marcus Cotten Contemporary Flaneur

Snippets of images of Portland’s cityscape, that Marcus Cotten captures day to day.

2017 - 2018 Marcus Cotten exhibited a series of paintings at Courier and Cerulean Gallery in Portland.


Contemporary Flaneur at heart, Cotten potters about the city, observes nature and adds imagination to his observations when working on his projects.

Visuals are cut to match the sounds, a cacophony of electronic sounds and sirens resonate over a misty night.

‘The Globe as Graph’ draws together the world we live in by emphasising on light and colour to create an impressive portrayal of every day life.

The Official film trailer for the film & music essay style hybrid film "The Globe As A Graph" by marcus cotten aka channel in channel out.

For more info go to www.channelinchannelout.com


Cotten experiments with different techniques, both when painting and producing film/music.

 Film/music essay THE GLOBE AS A GRAPH premiered at Portland Art Museum & NW Film Center


Marcus Cotten::

“I love to create electronic music when I truly want to think in the form of music and project it outward. Although I play various instruments, (for this album) I really wanted to focus on music mainly coming directly out of my head for this record”


Screenshot (33).png

“I programmed all the sounds note for note on the album, outside of some minimal keyboard parts I played for the record. The music took its shape though after the paintings were created.”



“However I felt the idea reached its clarity when I started forming the electronic music.

Although I have been making electronic music for several years this will be my first true electronic record I plan to release.”


Over recent years, Marcus Cotten has worked on series of paintings that accompany his music projects and short films.


Most of Cotten’s projects combine paintings, melodies and visual art, inspired by the artist’s observations of society, pace of life, and his interest in architecture and physics.


 Emit Shapor is Marcus Cotten most recent project, and includes a series of paintings and music.  The title of this project is short for saying emitting shape and colour, this project emphasises on observations of light, colour, shape and time.

Marcus Cotten and his painting, in his apartment in Portland, 2018.

Marcus Cotten and his painting, in his apartment in Portland, 2018.

Coming soon! Marcus Cotten has created sweaters with his signature colour palette. These limited edition hand painted sweaters will be available to the public in November!

For More info check out @channel_in_channel_out

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